Confessions of a Boss Babe: Weird Feelings

what you think you become

Do you ever feel like social media and blogs are just showing the highlights? Like people are just showing the good times and we’re not really being real about the low times when we let ourselves get in the way? Yup.

I have been letting negative thoughts creep in lately way too, too much.

I’ve been letting these thoughts make me doubt the strategies that I have put into place to accomplish my goals- my big goals that are going to get me the life I dream of and help others do the same.

Not cool. This is NOT how I’ve been successful in my life so far.

I’ve become a top seller in the corporate world multiple times in multiple different business categories.

I’ve built a six figure online business by myself.

I didn’t do either of those things by letting negative thoughts stop me.

So, the real truth is that I’ve been feeling weird about things lately. It’s okay if you feel like that every once in a while, too, but only if you crush those feelings and remember that if you’re doing the right thing, with a genuine heart, that’s all that matters and get back on track.

Watch out world. Who is with me?!

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