Confessions of a Boss Babe: Weird Feelings

what you think you become

Do you ever feel like social media and blogs are just showing the highlights? Like people are just showing the good times and we’re not really being real about the low times when we let ourselves get in the way? Yup.

I have been letting negative thoughts creep in lately way too, too much.

I’ve been letting these thoughts make me doubt the strategies that I have put into place to accomplish my goals- my big goals that are going to get me the life I dream of and help others do the same.

Not cool. This is NOT how I’ve been successful in my life so far.

I’ve become a top seller in the corporate world multiple times in multiple different business categories.

I’ve built a six figure online business by myself.

I didn’t do either of those things by letting negative thoughts stop me.

So, the real truth is that I’ve been feeling weird about things lately. It’s okay if you feel like that every once in a while, too, but only if you crush those feelings and remember that if you’re doing the right thing, with a genuine heart, that’s all that matters and get back on track.

Watch out world. Who is with me?!

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How to Find Time for Personal Development…Oh, and Why


I know what you’re thinking. “Oh my gosh, Alisha, how am I supposed to find time for personal development when I can’t even find 5 seconds to pee.” I get it. You’re trying to get so much done in one day that adding another to your list seems ridiculous and counter-productive.

But here’s why personal development is important. Spending time learning will help you become more efficient and better at whatever you’re doing throughout the day. Want to work smarter and not harder on your business so you can have more time with your friends and family? Want to spend less time on homework and still get better grades? Want to spend less time on cleaning your house and have a more organized home? Yep, personal development will get you there. Finding the time for it now will help you earn more time back in the long run.

Ummm, okay, so where do I find the time? Here are 4 places I found time for personal development in my everyday life.

  • Driving: So, you gotta do it. You have to drive to work, to school, running errands, and so on and so on. Stop listening to the same songs you’ve heard at least 10 times a week and make that time more useful with an audio book. You can borrow them from the library for free. Let’s do this.
  • Cleaning: Grab your phone and throw on a podcast while you’re cleaning. I mean, you’re probably just going to listen to silence and think about how much you hate cleaning any way, right? There are some really great, free podcasts out there for on so many different topics. Yesss.
  • Morning Prep: If you’re anything like me, you struggle a little bit with motivation in the morning. I kinda just stumble around while putting on my makeup and doing my hair for the day. Listening to a training video that reminds me of why I want to reach my goals gets me more focused for the day, and a more focused day means more productivity. So, let’s do that.
  • Working Out: I absolutely love listening to personal development material during my workouts. Why? Because I get distracted with all the good stuff I’m learning and my workout goes by so much faster! Making yourself healthier WHILE soaking up knowledge?! That’s what I call a “win, win.”

I hope these tips were helpful for you! They might seem a little silly, but are you doing them? Gut check.

Where do you find time for personal development? Share them in the comments below!

3 Tips to Be the Best #girlboss You Can Be in Your Social Business

3 Tips Image

In the past 6 months, I’ve done a lot of research and watched a lot of successful women as examples on how to succeed in my social business. But the best thing I’ve done so far is to learn from experience. I’ve put a few of what I believe are the most important things I’ve learned into writing so you babes can learn from my experiences and go get some of your own!

1. Be you.

I know this seems obvious, and I’m sure you’ve heard it before, but be YOU. Stock pictures are great, reposting other inspirational photos are sometimes helpful, but your customers want to see and hear from YOU. You have a social business, they’re following you for a reason, so give them more of you. Think about it from the flip side, would you be more likely to buy something from a stranger’s picture, or from your friend or family’s picture who you know, like, and trust?

2. Be real.

Some days are amazing in your social business, yep, your team just hit a new sales goal, you just tried a new product that you love, you just ranked up, again- share it! But some days aren’t so great, and sharing how you’ve overcome that and grown will help people get to know you better and relate to you. Life isn’t usually always rainbows and butterflies, so acting like it is will only make prospective recruits think they can’t fit this amazing adventure into their messy lives, but you fit it into your messy life, so of course they can!

3. Be consistent.

It is pretty much the most important thing you can do for your social business. It’s hard, I know, it is because sometimes you just can’t think of a post or the day has been insane. But post every.single.day! And I get it, sometimes the only people liking your posts are your mom, best friend, and upline. But I promise you, your friends, family, and followers are watching! They might not be engaging and that’s okay. Keep posting. They want to know if you’re still loving your products, if you’re still having fun, if you’re being successful-why?! Because they’re wondering if they’d love your products, if they’d have fun doing what you’re doing, if they’d be successful doing what you’re doing! If you’re not consistently posting about it, they’ll think you’re not and they’ll lose interest. They’re watching, and one day they’ll contact you.

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