How To Become a LipSense Distributor

If you’ve been thinking about becoming a LipSense distributor, you’re in the right place.

I have gotten so much out of becoming a LipSense distributor. Not only have I found a way to monetize my beauty blog and my makeup obsession, but I’ve also been able to share (and make money from) LipSense with my family and friends.

This opportunity is too good to keep to myself, so I’m going to go over the details like who can be a distributor, the perks, FAQs, and how to sign up πŸ˜‰

Who Can Become a Distributor

If you want to find a way to make extra income on your own timeline and according to your own goals, this is for you.

Are you a stay at home mom and want to find a way to work from home so you’re able to better care for your children? Do you have a full-time job and want to make extra money to pay off debt, save for a vacation, or make things less tight financially? Are you already involved in a network marketing company, but are looking for a better opportunity with more benefits and freedom? Do you have a salon or boutique and want to add a product that is super HOT and sells itself with one of the best wholesale discounts on the market? As long as your are at least 18 years old and are living in the USA, Canada, Australia, or the UK. This opportunity is for you!

The Perks

There are so many things to look forward to. Here are just a few-

  1. An Incredible Discount You get 20-50% off of everything you order. LipSense, all of SeneGence’s products like skincare, eye shadow, blush, body products, and more. A 20%-50% discount means a 20-50% profit on the items you sell! That’s huge.
  2. Trips LipSense distributors are able to earn trips all over the world. Hello Disney World, Cabo, Hollywood, and more! Who doesn’t want an all expenses paid vacation? These are totally optional, but super generous.
  3. SeneCar LipSense distributors are also able to earn car leases on the company. Tons of girls are doing this in just months. No car payment? Yes, please!
  4. Ability to Set Your Own Schedule Be a LipSense distributor, but on your own terms. You decide when and how you want to run your business. Maybe you just want to sell products on the side here and there a couple of hours a week. Or maybe you want to make this your full-time job. It’s up to you. With no monthly minimums or fees, you are in control.
  5. Access to Training and Support Worried because you have no idea where to start? No problem. I have plenty of cheat sheets and how-to guides, plus as a distributor you get access to a ton of training materials and more. Plus, I’m ALWAYS here to help.

How Do I Sign Up?

If you’re in the United States, Canada, or Australia, use the instructions below. If you’re in the UK- use these instructions. I’m always available to answer questions through phone or email also, just reach out and I’m there.

  1. Click here, select your country from the drop down menu, and select Individual Account.
  2. Fill out your personal information. (Do not enter a d.b.a. name, leave this blank).
  3. Enter 296254 as your sponsor ID. It should pop up with my name, Alisha Humbert, and continue.
  4. Submit payment. $55+ shipping and taxes (about $66 total). You’ll receive a box of information, training and marketing materials from SeneGence in the mail shortly after you sign up. I’ll reach out to you to help you get started right away! πŸ™‚


How do I make an income? There are two ways to do this, through your sales and through building a team (click here to learn more).

Does it cost a lot of money to start up? Not at all! It costs just $55 to sign up. There isn’t a product starter kit that you have to buy. You can buy products as you sell them (no out of pocket costs- only buy when you get an order from your customer!) or you can build an inventory based on your needs (not necessary, but can be helpful).

Do I have to order every month?Β Nope! To remain an active distributor, you just need to buy at least $200 worth of product over a 6 month time span. That’s it! There are no monthly minimums making it easy to run things your way.

Does it take up a lot of space? No! Your inventory (if you choose to have one) is only as big as you want it to be and can easily be stored in a small drawer or less.

How much time do I need to spend on this? As much as you want to. Like anything, you get what you put into it. Generally, I spend about 8-10 hours a week on this.

I don’t have the time to create a Facebook page or do some of the other marketing options, can I still join? Yes! This is your business, your way. You’ll find that selling in-person is just as successful as other marketing options. Your friends at work, your family, and your friends will want to know where you got that smudge free, long lasting lipstick and they’ll want it for themselves, too! Instant profits!

I hope you see the opportunity that exists here! Now is the time and I’m here for you! Contact me below, email me (, or find me on Facebook and let’s chat!


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