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SeneGence BrowSense Review + How To Get Perfect Brows

Eyebrows are everything. They shape your face and make your makeup look complete. So, when I heard about SeneGence’s BrowSense that promises to be smudge-proof, water-proof, and long lasting, I was super intrigued. Because what’s worse than spending time on perfecting your eyebrows just to itch them off an hour later? Not much.

BrowSense is a liquid brow color that comes with a paint brush like applicator, almost like a liquid eyeliner applicator (reminds me of the oh so famous NYC black eyeliner applicator shape). The applicator makes it easy to get into tight spaces and you’re able to getΒ  a good, yet controlled, amount of product to use during application.

BrowSense Details

I honestly love this stuff. It truly does lock in your filled in eyebrows and allows them to last all day. The fact that it doesn’t smudge throughout the day is really amazing- I don’t have to worry about remembering not to touch my eyebrows. Whew.

How do I get the perfect eyebrows? BrowSense plus my handy dandy ShadowSense in the color Mocha Java are key. First, I apply the ShadowSense (a cream to powder SeneGence product that is best known as a long lasting eyeshadow but I think it’s perfect for brows, too) with a small angled brush. I like to use Elf’s angle brush because it’s super affordable and is great quality. I brush through my brows and then fill them in with the ShadowSense. Next, I wait about a minute and let the ShadowSense turn from cream to powder. After that, I’ll brush through my brows again and then I’ll use BrowSense on top. I just brush small strokes through my brows to lock it all in. I can’t get over this brow one-two punch and haven’t used another brow product since.

BrowSense Tutorial

BrowSense Colors

BrowSense comes in four different colors and I would suggest ShadowSense in the colors Garnet or Onyx if your brows are darker and you’d like to use my perfect brow technique. Wanna try it for yourself or have questions? Fill out the form below with your color choices and I’ll email you an invoice. There’s a money back guarantee, so you really won’t regret it!

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